Talent Source

Offering a unique combination of headhunting expertise and standard recruitment, this service is ideal for finding high calibre people to fill mid-level positions (typically for roles salaried up to £49,999), at a lower cost than traditional headhunting.

What is Talent Source?

Talent Source offers a unique combination of headhunting expertise and standard recruitment processes. It’s aimed at roles salaried up to £49,999; those not quite at the level to warrant full headhunting, but still at a level where high quality candidates are needed. At the end of the search we will provide a full report on all of our findings.

Why use Talent Source?

Talent Source is an ideal alternative for clients who appreciate the more proactive approach of a traditional headhunting service – but are looking to find high calibre people to fill mid-level roles for lower costs. It stands to reason that many of the most outstanding performers, in any industry, aren’t looking for work. On the contrary, they’re the most likely individuals to be gainfully employed in their current role.

When there’s a need to identify and attract that person, many firms turn to a headhunter. In this way, it’s possible to proactively approach those individuals, exercising discretion at all times. The probability of dealing with lower performers, already on the open market, can be reduced. Although it’s important to recruit the best possible candidates in lower level roles, headhunting can be a lengthy process – and in relation to mid-level salaries, it can also be expensive.

How does it work?

Talent Source bridges the gap between traditional recruitment agencies and executive level Headhunters – so you benefit from some of the key elements you’d find when working with a Headhunting service.

How much does it cost?

We only ask for a £3,000 retainer to cover our research process costs. Then there is no further charge until the right person is appointed through us at which point we would only charge 10% of the first year’s remuneration. This is payable only on successful appointment – and compares exceptionally well with typical headhunting fees. Furthermore, if your requirements change, there is no cancellation charge.

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