Market Insight

A completely bespoke service tailored to your exact needs, helping you to deepen your understanding of competitors and market positioning. This also includes our Salary Survey offering which provides you with greater insight and understanding of what remuneration packages candidates in similar roles in your industry receive, enabling you to benchmark your existing remuneration policy.

Market Insight

At EHL Research, we are experts at analysing the critical industry information that will help you identify every aspect of your business in relation to your market. From industry mapping and salary surveys to competitor analysis and structure charts, we can help you identify the opportunities that will enable you to expand your business.

Each client we work with receives a completely bespoke service tailored to their exact needs and market.

As well as high level information such as your market share and position, it also includes:

  • Your unique selling points
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Any market opportunities or threats you should be aware of
  • Brand perception
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Comprehensive overview of the range and average remuneration packages across specific roles in your industry and beyond

This will provide you with a deep understanding of where you stand in relation to your competitors and how you can increase your competitor advantage. In addition, our salary surveys help you identify what level of salary and benefits you should offer for your role(s) in order to attract and secure the best candidates.

Furthermore, given our wealth and breadth of experience, it’s highly likely we may have already undertaken a salary survey for your role and industry. If we have, we’ll always be happy to provide you with access to this information for a significantly reduced cost.

How does it work?

Your requirements will determine our process as we tailor every project to your needs and we’ll ensure we gather the information in the most efficient and effective way.

The initial step will be an in-depth face to face meeting to discuss what you are looking to achieve. We will then provide a recommendation on the most effective way to meet your objectives.

How much does it cost?

We run our market insight projects on a day rate of £500, although we can agree a fixed fee upfront if you prefer.

We firmly believe in having an honest and transparent relationship with our clients so we will always outline the number of days required as part of our recommendations along with a detailed breakdown of the activity we will undertake.

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