With a turnover of over £60m, a customer base spanning multiple countries, and a stock list of over 3,000 different products, Creative Distribution is one of the longest established distributors of video games and other entertainment related products.

The business is constantly updating and expanding – not only their product ranges, but also the markets it sells to in order to keep abreast of the ever-changing distribution industry.

Creative Distribution pride themselves in their ability to provide the highest possible level of service to its customers across the globe.

To improve their service levels further, they were looking to recruit a new Operations Manager to develop a smoother working relationship with one of the world’s biggest retailers.

The Challenge

This was a niche and specialist role created by the client to address some of the challenges within the existing relationship.

The specific type of Operations Manager required was incredibly rare, if not, non- existent.

In order to improve the buying experience for Creative Distribution’s customers, an intimate knowledge of the retailer’s operations was required as well as extensive experience in relationship management.

What We Did

Through detailed consultations with our client, collectively we designed a job specification which enabled us to produce the ideal candidate profile as well as identification of where we may be able to find the right candidate.

We produced a target list of potential candidates, focusing on those candidates which held the right skills to be able to solve operational issues, whilst restoring a business partnership.

Competency based questions were used as an additional method to assess the candidates’ ability and technique in order to gauge suitability.

The Result

Due to our extensive recruitment and interview process, the perfect candidate was successfully appointed.

We identified, approached and sold the opportunity to an operational professional with outstanding problem-solving skills and a clear understanding of the job.